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International truffle fair in Alba

by Adam

International truffle fair in Alba, Piedemonte, Italy. We are overwhelmed by the pungent, earthy, aphrodisiac-like odors of the small black and white fungi 50m before we enter the exhibition hall and Sofia begins crying and has to go outside with Alla and Katya. Samantha and myself  pay the 20 euros and enter. As we do,  I become somewhat euphoric and must begin with a small glass of Borrollo and some truffle pate. I have fungi eyes as do the 100s of other visitors and media people. We find a large gathering of people haggling over a white truffle worth more than 200 euros($400can). We manage to take a few photos and move on to the fried eggs. After a rest, Sofia, Alla and Katya are ready to come in and we head straight for the fried eggs which turns into 26 euros for 2 eggs smothered in white truffles. Get the paddles! I just had a coronary but i want more eggs.

October 2010

One Response to “International truffle fair in Alba”

  1. Shoshana says:

    Sounds divine!! Wish I was there. Can you bring back some mushrooms for a risotto special?